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About Our Services & Practice

Taking care of your child's smile is important, and at Quality Care, Pediatric Dental Specialists, we are experts in tiny teeth!

Our practice offers the essential dental care services little smiles require to remain health, clean, and sparkling. 

Our Services

Dental Cleaning & Diagnostics

Thorough tooth & gum exams

Plaque & build-up removal


Fluoride treatment

Personalized tips & habit building

Benefits: healthy teeth & gums, fresh breath, confident smiles

Digital Dental X-Rays

Identify cavities and other issues that might not be visible during regular cleaning & examination using digital X-ray technology.

Benefit: Early detection 

Fluoride Varnish & Sealants

Strengthens teeth and build resilience to cavities, in conjunction with healthy dental habits

Benefit: gentle, and applied in minutes, and offers a cavity-fighting boost

Composite (White) Fillings

Natural-looking, durable fillings used to repair damage caused by decay, or minor tooth cracks/chips

Benefits: painless repair, quick procedure, matches original tooth color and structure

Space Maintainers

Did your child lose a baby tooth early? Prevent other teeth from shifting and maintain space for grown-up teeth


Benefits: Comfortable, easy to wear, and don't interfere with eating or speaking

Dental Emergeny Care

Accidents happen. Find immediate care for chipped/cracked teeth, knocked-out teeth, aches, infections, sores and other injuries 



Benefits: flexible scheduling, kid-friendly environment


Treat deep cavities, and remove infection inside baby teeth so the tooth can remain healthy until it falls out naturally



Benefits: Gentle, effective, and protected by a strong tooth crown

Dental Extraction

Sometimes, extraction may be necessary. Address stubborn baby teeth, broken or damaged teeth, or impacted wisdom teeth to maintain a healthy smile 

Benefits: Maximum comfort for your child, clear post-surgical instruction

Ready to Schedule Your Child's Appointment?

Whether your child requires a routine preventative care, or specialized/emergency care, Quality Care, Pediatric Dental Specialists are hear to help. Contact us today at 718-448-0976 to schedule their first visit or check-up.


Preparing for your child's first dental visit? Here's a tip: Keep it casual! Briefly mention the visit a few days beforehand and answer any questions they have in a positive way. We'll take care of the rest, making sure your child has a fun and comfortable experience. We can't wait to meet your little one!

About Quality Care Pediatric Dental Specialists
and Brandon Jackson, DDS

Quality Care Pediatric Dental Specialists is led by By Dr. Brandon Jackson, DDS.

Dr. Jackson is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist serving the greater New York Metropolitan area. He is a graduate of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, and completed both General Practice residency and Pediatric specialty training at Staten Island University Hospital. 

Dr. Jackson’s energetic and engaging approach to dentistry creates an atmosphere that puts even the most anxious pediatric patients at ease. He strives to provide individualized treatments backed by evidence-based dentistry for each young patient.

We are committed to keeping parents and families fully informed, engaged, and educated throughout each appointment. All treatment plans are explained and carefully reviewed with every parent to ensure the best standard of care.


Our practice aims to streamline patient care for your convenience, and stays current with the latest dental technology, computer-based charting and digital X-rays. We understand how important it is for a child to be supported during all dental appointments, and strongly encourage parents to stay engaged in their child’s oral health and to ask questions as they arise throughout treatment in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

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